Friday, 17 May 2013

Time Of Your Life - Green Day

Green Day. Epic band. There was a time when all I
could play on my guitar were Green Day songs :P This song means that we have to accept and move past the shit in our life, which we can't control, and to also enjoy life while we have it, and not worry, because in the end, everything will work out.

This song also says, that when the shit hits the ceiling, just think back to the good times you've had, and everything will get better. If only it were that simple Billie.

The chords I used:
Along with one of Marty Schwartz's tutorials on YouTube for this song. Enjoy :)

This is the link to my cover:

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  1. In The Simpsons movie(the 2nd GIF you used), doesn't Green day drown in a polluted, deadly, acidic lake?
    Just saying. It may not be the best tribute GIF ever. :P


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